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Our 2019 Favorite Photographers!

Now that the school year is in full swing, our focus turns to Fall and all the fun activities that come along with this season. It certainly is a pretty time of year to “freeze” time and get those family photos done! Here is a list of our favorite photographers – in alphabetical order – we love them all!! “Children grow up in the blink of an eye and Jo is passionate about helping families slow things...

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Where to Go Apple Picking!

Apple picking is a great fall activity when you want to get the family out of the house! And some farms begin pick your own over Labor Day weekend! Here’s a list of where to pick your own in Connecticut and New York!

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Protecting your college aged kids with Kinfo, a new health records and financial transaction service

If an emergency occurred, could you help your 18 year old son or daughter?

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Part 2: College Admission Series

  Welcome to Part 2 of our College Admission series! Part 1 looked at exactly how competitive college admission is these days—and why. Plus, whether the industry experts were surprised by the recent bribing scandals (spoiler alert: no). But it’s not all bad news. We went back to these top experts for their very best tips on helping your child get into college. Here are some to keep in mind: Let Them Experiment With Hobbies in Middle...

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Power Of The Pack: Women Who Support Women Are More Successful

Original Link Shelley Zalis I always say a woman alone has power; collectively we have impact. Traditionally we have been taught to be competitive with one another, because there was such a scarcity of jobs at the top. It’s so clear that strategy doesn’t work. The truth is that raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is truly how we’ll change the equation—and have a lot more fun along the way. There is a boys’...

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The Local Moms Network College Admission Special: Part 1

Whether your kid is entering preschool or his senior year this September, we’ve all heard about the massive college admissions scandal, where wealthy parents (including celebrities like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman) paid to bribe coaches, forge standardized tests, and engaged in other unethical (not to mention illegal) actions in order to ensure their children’s admission to some of the nation’s top schools. In response to this...

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