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Books are an incredible teaching tool for parents, and now more than ever we need to make it our priority to teach our children the importance of kindness, equality, inclusion, and respect. I know many people feel overwhelmed and helpless when they read about injustice in the news- and because of how big the problem is, they ultimately don’t take any steps to help the cause. I get it. It seems too big and powerful to tackle. So like anything else, I encourage you to start small. Small is better than not taking any action at all. Start with your kids. Use books to educate them about differences in people and families. Let’s do what we can, at our level, to make a change for our future and for our children’s future. I put together a blog with a list of books about diversity that celebrate our differences – all of our differences.  I will continue to add to this as I come across new books that I think you and your families will enjoy.  Remember to shop local and support your local bookstores!




Story originally appeared on our sister site The Sound Shore Moms

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