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Heirloom Kitchen: A New Cookbook from Chef Anna Gass

    Chef Anna Francese Gass, a longtime contributor for The Local Moms Network, has a new book coming out April 23 and it’s available for pre-salenow! In celebration of this lovely mama of three’s new “baby”, we spoke to her about her culinary inspiration, working on this book with her own mother and more! How did you get started in cooking?I had an interest in cooking from when I was very young. My mom, an Italian immigrant, was...

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High Quality Home Therapy: Helping You Navigate the Insurance Maze & Achieve Your Rehab Goals!

by: Caryn McAllister, High Quality Home Therapy When you or someone in your family is struggling with a health issue such as autism, back pain, cerebral palsy, dementia, developmental delay, headache, chronic pain, concussion, Multiple Sclerosis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, POTS, Scoliosis, social or emotional delay, stroke, traumatic brain injury or Vestibulopathies, the medical world can be confusing. But when faced with problems like...

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Serendipity Labs: A Flexible Work Space Perfect for Moms

Whether you’re a work-from-home mom or a stay-at-home-mom who just needs a quiet place to answer emails, a co-working space can be a real upgrade from a home office. Benefits include privacy (no more toddlers or teenagers coming in to ask for something), total focus (laundry isn’t calling your name from the next room) and comraderie/networking with similarly-minded people. Serendipity Labs is a membership-based coworking and shared...

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Camp Special: Timber Lake West

This is our seventh camp in our series on some of our favorite sleepaway camps across the country. Located in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York is a co-ed four-week camp called Timber Lake West, which offers a fun-filled, activity packed summer in two separate sessions for the summer. Justin and Cassie Mayer, as well as Jennifer DeSpagna, are owners/directors at Timber Lake West.  Their mission is: “to teach children the...

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#MyYoungerSelf 2019: The Child Mind Institute anti-stigma campaign

This May actors, athletes, social influencers, businesspeople and more send a message of hope about their experience growing up with a mental health or learning disorder: Help us stop the shame and stigma. This is #MyYoungerSelf, the Child Mind Institute’s campaign to counter the stigma for the 1 in 5 children struggling with these disorders. Your support makes a difference.   VIEW ALL #MYYOUNGERSELF...

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Camp Special: Camp Takajo

This is our sixth story in our camp series on some of our favorite sleepaway camps across the country. Camp Takajo is an all-boys seven-week overnight camp located on Long Lake in the picturesque Sebago Lakes region of southern Maine in the town of Naples. Since 1947, Takajo’s focus has remained constant—to provide a full-season summer camp experience that helps each boy develop the many facets of his unlimited potential. The...

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