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Get to Know Stokke—And Why Your Baby Should, Too!

  Have you heard of Stokke, the Scandinavian brand that is designing better products that strengthen the bond between babies and parents? Not only are these beautiful pieces manufactured to be completely safe and ergonomic (for both children and parents!), but they’re designed to help babies and kids develop properly and bring families closer together. As moms, our team naturally became aware of Stokke—we were already fans of...

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The Case For Doing Nothing

Stop being so busy, and just do nothing. Trust us. Keeping busy? Running from place to place and laboring over long to-do lists have increasingly become ways to communicate status: I’m so busy because I’m just so important, the thinking goes. Perhaps it’s time to stop all this busyness. Being busy — if we even are busy — is rarely the status indicator we’ve come to believe it is. Nonetheless, the impact is real, and instances of...

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Stir Crazy? Looking for Something to Do?

Feeling a bit stir crazy? Looking for something fun to do?  Magical Memories is offering a variety of fun programs! With all events being canceled and everyone stuck inside, Magical Memories wants to still keep our community entertained during these difficult times. Magical Memories is offering FREE live steaming shows on Sundays at 1pm EST. 3/29: BurchardMagic will be performing a kids magic show4/5: Juggler Greg will be performing a...

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What’s HOT for Spring Exteriors? Hoffman Landscapes’ 2020 Look Book. Get Inspired!

Landscaping and construction businesses will remain open during the quarantine period, as they are considered “essential businesses.” To adhere to social distancing, Hoffman Landscapes will offer phone or video call consultations. They can assess your property alone and connect virtually, by phone or via email and follow up with a proposal.  Call Hoffman Landscapes today! 914.234.0304 Visit Hoffman...

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Tonight Is The Last Night I’ll Hug My Kids Goodnight or Kiss My Husband Until God Knows When

by Grown and Flown | March 22, 2020 Tonight is the last night that I’ll hug my kids goodnight or kiss my husband until god knows when. Community spread is now confirmed in my area and being an ER nurse means that the odds of being exposed over and over again are now100% guaranteed. So I just wanted to talk to everyone stuck at home with your family, bored out of your mind and itching to get out. A little perspective is sometimes all...

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Urgent Call For Diapers – Help an Infant at Risk

Baby Bank is a program that provides basic necessities and essentials for babies, 0-2. Our mission is to help local families in need keep their babies clean, healthy and happy. 1 in 3 US families struggles to provide diapers for their children There is no state or federal assistance for the purchase of diapers, diaper rash cream, bathing products, strollers, car seats or other basic necessities. Families living below the poverty line...

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