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This is our sixth story in our camp series on some of our favorite sleepaway camps across the country.

Camp Takajo is an all-boys seven-week overnight camp located on Long Lake in the picturesque Sebago Lakes region of southern Maine in the town of Naples. Since 1947, Takajo’s focus has remained constant—to provide a full-season summer camp experience that helps each boy develop the many facets of his unlimited potential. The fundamental emphasis—brought home through sports and a wide range of activities and special events—is to instill strong moral and ethical standards that build character. Time-tested values such as integrity, compassion and respect are the foundation of the Camp Takajo experience.

Jeff Konigsberg, owner of Camp Takajo, explains the philosophy of the camp which is based on the Twelve Arch Ideals that greet everyone who enters the camp. “As you enter Camp Takajo, you pass through the Takajo Arch. Posted on the arch are twelve ideals that embody the precepts by which we live. They include integrity, honesty, loyalty, self-reliance, and magnanimity. The Arch Ideals are reinforced throughout everything we do at Takajo. In all the activities, sports, and special events, the Arch Ideals are the principles that guide us.”  

Jeff is known for his incredible attention to detail and believes in having a close relationship with the parents of Takajo campers. “By partnering with parents, we strengthen the values you are teaching every day in your home.”  This ensures that the ideals of camp are carried out year round. The nurturing and supportive environment these boys are given at camp is complementary and consistent with their experience at home.

Says Jeff: “We believe in a well-rounded, diverse program that includes sports, waterfront activities, hobbies, skills, and pioneering. We believe that athletics is an important component of a well-rounded experience, but it is not the sole focus our program, especially at the younger ages. We want our campers to gain exposure to a wide range of activities so there are many avenues through which a boy can find his niche at Camp Takajo.” 


Quick Facts about Camp Takajo:
-All Boys
-Located in Naples, Maine
-On Long Lake
-Modified uniform 
-7 week camp


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