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This is our seventh camp in our series on some of our favorite sleepaway camps across the country.
Located in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York is a co-ed four-week camp called Timber Lake West, which offers a fun-filled, activity packed summer in two separate sessions for the summer. Justin and Cassie Mayer, as well as Jennifer DeSpagna, are owners/directors at Timber Lake West.  Their mission is: “to teach children the skills of making and keeping friends, while building their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience.”
Timber Lake West prides themselves on something called: “The Timber Lake West Edge”.  “The Timber Lake West experience is designed to give campers the edge they need to succeed in every aspect of their development into young adults and beyond. We have built a program on a foundation of safe and fun play created to promote the kinds of growth that give every child “the edge” they need to reach their highest potential. What we start at Timber Lake West stays with our campers the rest of their journey to adulthood. And it makes a difference,” say the owners.
They also have something called the Starfish Values Program, which  teaches campers of all ages, “the importance of strong character, good values and understanding each individual’s important part in the well being of everyone around them. STARFISH is a part of every aspect of camp.”
“We instill in campers the competence of grit, teaching them to learn from their experiences and the importance of getting up and bouncing back from disappointments,” say the owners. Through these experinces, the campers build their self-esteem and become stronger individuals. Timber Lake West is a place where the children learn the importance of many things that they can carry through their lives. The owners share: “They leave camp with memories that will last a lifetime. It is what Camp was always meant to be.”
Quick Facts about Timber Lake West
-Located in the Catskills Mountains, New York
-Pool and Lake
– No Uniform
– 4 week Session Camp
This post is sponsored by Timber Lake West

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