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If you have to deal with 75-90 minute wait times, you may as well be a referee trying to deal with your kids in the hottest place on Earth with the longest lines! With the rising costs of a daily admission to the Disney Theme Parks, it is truly a shame to waste most of your time waiting around to get on a ride that lasts between 3 – 5 minutes! Well thanks to Steve at Text Yaw Tour, we went on EVERY ride via Fastpass! 


On the morning of our Magic Kingdom Day, Steve texted with me with where to “virtually” meet him. Of course, all did not go according to plan for us as my husband was delayed on a business call. I frantically texted Steve that we were late and he didn’t skip a beat! As we made our way through the security checkpoint, Steve texted me with our new start plan for the day! And off we went to our first ride — Winnie the Pooh!

So for those of you who don’t know how Fastpass works, Disney allows you to set up three fast passes in advance of entering the park. Once your third fastpass has been used, you are able to sign up for one fastpass at a time. This can all be done through your “My Disney” account. Now you would think you could do all this on your own, but let me tell you this. Fastpasses are not always available for a particular ride that you are ready to get on. Steve eliminates all the stress and scrambling! As the planner for the family, I was able to enjoy each ride and watch the reactions on the faces of my children. My “only” job was to text Steve the word “in” as soon as we were all scanned into the ride. Within minutes of scanning in, another text came in to tell us where our next fast pass was and how to get there.

Steve can answer any question you have! While the kids were on the teacups, I texted him that my husband was on the hunt for an iced coffee and he texted me exactly where he should go – it was awesome!

Even a downpour didn’t stop us. Steve rearranged and got us a Fastpass to an indoor ride — The Haunted House. The fun didn’t stop. Of course there was still a little refereeing, but with Steve at Text Yaw Tour, he left very little time for me to have to do that! 

Our last ride was the Pirates of the Caribbean at almost 3pm. We then walked towards the castle and down Main Street towards the exit. There was a quick stop at a refreshment cart. My little one had asked for a cotton candy on the way in and we promised it to her on the way out. So in the most Magical Place on Earth – you ask and you shall receive – not only for a little girl who wanted a cotton candy but for a Mommy and Daddy who didn’t have to deal with wait times and long lines!

Thanks Steve and Text Yaw Tour for making this trip super easy!  By the way, Steve covers ALL FOUR Disney parks.

And for all of you, mention RYE/RYEBROOK MOMS and get $50 off your first booking of two or more days and make Disney truly the most Magical Place on Earth!

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