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Kelly Bronze Turkey
Getting down to the wire: Order your turkey before we close off online ordering this Wed 11/15. If you want to order conveniently from your couch, now’s the time!We are sold out of Kelly Bronze birds and low on small sizes. Although we’ll continue to take orders in shops and via phone (845-338-6666), we recommend ordering online, it’s fast and easy!
Meanwhile, here are some FAQs that we field every year:
How do I take the turkey’s temperature?
If using an oven-safe thermometer, insert into the thigh (positioned so that you can read it easily) and leave it in while the turkey is in the oven. If using an instant-read thermometer, insert into the thigh to take the temperature, but don’t leave it in the oven. The thermometer’s tip should be in the thigh muscle just above the lower part of the thigh bone, but not touching the bone, pointing toward the body. Remove the turkey when the temperature reaches 155 F, and let it rest 30 min before carving. The turkey will continue cooking up to 165 F, the optimal temperature.
Should I make stuffing or dressing?
We strongly recommend NOT stuffing your turkey. Stuffing the bird prevents air flow inside the cavity. By the time the turkey is fully cooked and the stuffing is hot enough, the breasts will be overcooked and dry. Instead, spatchcock your bird, put your dressing on the bottom of a pan, and place the bird on top, laid flat.
What should I do with the giblets?
Make gravy, of course! That way, we conscious consumers can ensure nothing goes to waste. Here’s a basic Giblet Gravy Recipe; you can add turkey stock or pan drippings depending on the volume you want.
How do I carve this bird and make it look like I know what I’m doing?
Studies show that the only thing people fear more than death and public speaking is carving the Thanksgiving turkey. Luckily, it’s really not that complicated, and the skills are transferrable to any type of poultry. Check out this guide to carving a turkey(whole or spatchcocked), or better yet, drop by a Poultry Carving Demos (with rotisserie chicken samples!) this week: Upper East Side (Wed 11/15, 4 pm), Greenwich (Thu 11/16, 3 pm), Westport (Fri 11/17, 4 pm)
What if I can’t figure this out/I’m not sure it’s done/the fire alarm’s going off?
Our Holiday Hotline (845-338-6666) will be operating even on Thanksgiving Day! Call us for Turkey Tech Support, and we’ll guide you through the big day.
Click the Red Button to order your turkey before we run out of the size/breed you need! If you’ve already placed a Thanksgiving order, we will send an order confirmation at the end of this week with your order details.
Save Me a Turkey!
Questions? Email [email protected] or call our Holiday Hotline: 845-338-6666
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