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Have you heard about Scout & Cellar? It’s a clean-crafted wine that moms across The Local Moms Network are loving. Clean-crafted wine, if you’re not familiar yet, is held to a higher standard than your usual vino. For instance, there are no synthetic pesticides, added sugar, chemical additives and are much lower sulfites than other bottles. The result? A more delicious and also more natural glass.

Our moms are not only enjoying it themselves, but sharing it with others, as consultants for our Scout & Cellar Team! We asked a few of our moms, from TX to NJ, what they love about this brand, and being consultants.

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What do you love about Scout & Cellar Wines?

“I love that I can have a glass of wine without the nasty side effects I used to experience! Not only are they the most delicious wines I’ve ever had, I no longer get headaches, brain fog, night sweats, or sluggishness the next morning. So I can be fully present for my kids and still enjoy my wine!” — Crystal Kehn of South Austin Moms

“Who doesn’t love the convenience of their wine being delivered straight to their door?! It doesn’t have that chemical/fake taste that other wines have—which I never noticed until I tried Scout & Cellar.” – Samantha Coppinger of Huntington Moms

“I just found the amazing Rose spritzer!  Other than that, I love knowing that what I am drinking is clean and free of chemicals, colors and, in this case, extra sugar. Basically it is guilt-free drinking!” – Chelsea Thorton of South OC Moms

“I’m all about eating clean and clean beauty, so drinking clean wine is a no brainer! I love that their wine tastes great and doesn’t leave you with a hangover in the morning—any hangover with 3 kids 3 and under is not good!! – Britt Ryan of Chatham Summit Moms

“I love drinking Scout & Cellar as they offer delicious wines that I feel good about drinking as I know they have minimal sugars and additives. They have a great selection from around the world that make my job easy to sell as I love them myself!” – Jess Kress of Jersey City Moms

Huntington Moms


What do you love about being a part of The Local Moms Network Scout & Cellar team?

I joined because I wanted a discount on Clean-Crafted™️ wines. I never imagined how easy it would be as a mom to work this in the crevices of my day and become a viable side-hustle in such a short time! Wine unifies people across cultures and across tables. I’ve grown to love this community I’ve joined, and the friendships that are being forged and strengthened. I love the team of women who’ve joined me and I get a thrill supporting them and watching them succeed! In light of current events, it just makes sense to have multiple streams of income; I can’t imagine it coming from anything more fun than wine! — Crystal Kehn of South Austin Moms

“Being a part of the S & C team has given me another group of women and moms who are there to support one another! During this pandemic, getting that extra support not only through the amazing moms but also financially has helped just that extra bit!” – Samantha Coppinger of Huntington Moms

“I love telling other Moms that they don’t have to drink what I call dirty wine. There is a Clean Crafted option available for them and it isn’t super expensive. We care so much about what we feed our children, shouldn’t we as Moms also care about what we are putting into our bodies? These are the only alcohol products I drink now and so should you!” – Chelsea Thorton of South OC Moms

The Scout & Cellar team is incredibly supportive, and allows you to build your brand on your terms. I love that I truly believe in what we’re selling, and that the sky is the limit for how high you can climb within the company! – Britt Ryan of Chatham Summit Moms

“I love working for a company that cares about their product and the environment, and it’s been a great experience all-around!” – Jess Kress of Jersey City Moms

To try Scout & Cellar or find out more about becoming a consultant, click here.

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