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Whether you’re a work-from-home mom or a stay-at-home-mom who just needs a quiet place to answer emails, a co-working space can be a real upgrade from a home office. Benefits include privacy (no more toddlers or teenagers coming in to ask for something), total focus (laundry isn’t calling your name from the next room) and comraderie/networking with similarly-minded people. Serendipity Labs is a membership-based coworking and shared office network with locations across the country, including in Stamford, CT, Rye, NY and soon to be in White Plains, NY and Westport, CT. We spoke to Paula Gomprecht, VP of Marketing at Serendipity Labs, to learn more about this flexible office option:
Who is the typical Serendipity Labs customer?  
Most of our members are in their 30s and 40s, with the average age being 41. Our members work across diversified industries, from established companies and professionals who are at that point in their lives where they are starting new companies. We believe this diversity in our membership is why more than one-third of our members are women.
Why are co-working spaces like Serendipity Labs such a great choice for self-employed moms, mompreneurs, small businesses comprised of moms, etc?
Serendipity Labs offers moms the flexibility they need to work when, where, and how they want.  We have a range of membership plans to accommodate the full variety of workstyle needs from team rooms to coworking.  Additionally, our suburban locations mean that anyone can work close to home, while not actually being at home. And because membership comes with access to every location across the country, moms can confidently work wherever business or family takes them. As a local mom myself, I know how important this flexibility is in my life.
Why do you think co-working spaces as an industry has exploded in the last decade?
The way people work is changing, and companies of all sizes are starting to realize that.  Employees are no longer tethered to a desk or central office the way they once were. It lets people work on their own schedule and close to home.  Coworking offers a venue for client meetings that is more professional than a coffee shop or hotel lobby, and is viable alternative to working from home, where family responsibilities can interfere with getting work done.  Offering a community, a place to network and make business connections, coworking has grown up and established professionals understand the value it provides.
Can you please tell me about the expansion of your company and what the plans are for growth?
Serendipity Labs has 34 open and locations actively under construction nation-wide with close to one million square feet of office, coworking and meeting space.  We have over 125 Labs in the development pipeline.  Our next Lab will open in Phoenix in March, quickly followed by Labs in Cumberland, GA, Pittsburgh, PA, Orlando, FL, White Plains, NY, and a second Lab in Los Angeles. The flexibility we provide helps members reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives.
What sets Serendipity Labs apart from other co-working spaces?
Firstly, we are building an integrated network of locations that includes secondary markets and suburbs, allowing us to bring coworking outside of urban centers and make it accessible to everyone.
Our enterprise-grade infrastructure means that the information moving through Serendipity Labs is as secure and encrypted. For members working in the finance, legal or HR industries, for example, our network is HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley audit trail complaint. We have a professional environment – one that companies would have at their own locations. We welcome wine and at networking events and receptions, but you won’t find beer on tap 24/7.
We infuse the workplace with hospitality, the same white glove approach as the best hotels. Our employees know their job is to help members, whether assisting with A/V or setting up a reception.
What are you most excited for in the next few months?
Serendipity Labs’ rapid growth is very exciting.  We are opening in new markets, like Phoenix, and providing more coverage in existing markets, like LA.
If someone is thinking of trying out your space, do you offer a free trial or recommend people visit? What can people expect when they walk in and on their first day?
At every location, you can expect a vibrant, professional environment, friendly and inviting staff, complimentary coffee all day, fruit -infused water and a stimulating, inspiring environment in which to work. At our Labs across the tri-state area (Rye, Stamford, Ridgewood), we offer 3 months of complimentary Coworking 1 for friends of the Local Mom’s Network, which includes one visit per month and additional visits at a special reduced rate.
Is each space unique? How are each designed with their location in mind?
We know that businesses have professional expectations and we meet them consistently at every location. Thoughtfully designed communal areas encourage interaction and work stations of varying heights and styles accommodate different member needs. Abundant natural light makes the work day welcoming and inviting. Curated art shows from local artists and member-only events create an environment that is engaging and stimulating. The meeting and event space, to which members receive preferential pricing, is ideal for professional activities and offsites.
Each location has private focus rooms for phone calls and privacy, a work lounge, Lab Café, and meeting rooms with full A/V capabilities.
Anything else you’d like people to know about co-working in general or your company specifically?
Short and long-term, our goal is to provide members with inspiring places to work that help them reach their full potential as individuals. We want to continue to be part of our communities by hosting art exhibits and local business events that allow our Members to also continue to grow and learn.
Serendipity Labs is focused on providing an inspiring and vibrant environment for all of our members. We pride ourselves on our diverse community and look forward to welcoming friends of The Local Mom’s Network into our tristate locations.

To try Serendipity Labs with 3 months of complimentary co-working space, email [email protected].

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