This Valentines Day, speak your dog’s love language by giving them what they truly love! - Rye & Rye Brook Moms

How often are you impressed by one dog walker holding 5-10 leashes and maneuvering through city traffic? Do you ever wish that your dog can be a part of these walks?

Although impressive looking, oftentimes dogs on these walks are highly stressed. They are often cloaked in aversive equipment (slip leads, different types of collars) and aren’t allowed to sniff, run, or play. Aren’t dog walks supposed to be for the dog?

At Active Dog, we give your dog freedom to be what they truly are- a dog! Our off leash hikes allow your pup to run with their friends (or alone if they choose!), sniff to their heart’s content, swim, and of course, get the most loving and personalized care from our dedicated and experienced hikers.

Not only do Active Dog hikes provide your dog with the physical exercise that they desire, hikes provide a huge amount of mental stimulation- a vital component of any healthy dog! Sniffing on hikes will get your pups brain active, all while learning and maintaining their social skills with other dogs.

Mention LOCAL MOMS when filling out a new client submission form and get your first hike for FREE!

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