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While you can work out at home pregnant, you only have yourself to hold you accountable. You can follow doctor’s orders watching your belly grow and attempt a modified version of the same exercise routine you did before you got pregnant. That is what many women in Westchester NY have done to try to stay in shape while pregnant, until now. Kim Ambrosio is the owner of Evolve Athletic Club, Westchester’s premier fitness and recovery gym. As a mom of three (including twins), she noticed a definite need for a safe, supportive, and specialized prenatal and post-pregnancy program in White Plains NY. A unique approach to pregnancy personal training, Evolve’s pregnancy fitness program, both follow doctor’s orders while promoting positive pregnancy outlook, and empowering moms through measurable results. Plus, this successful program embraces the entire traditional and non-traditional family unit, offering semi-private training sessions  with spouses as an opportunity to instill a healthy lifestyle to bring home.
Evolve’s pregnancy fitness program covers it all, providing expecting and new parents with a total fitness and wellness program for every stage with your baby from first signs of a bump, safely exercising around the “evolving” belly, to building mom’s confidence post-delivery. Their certified personal trainers adhere to safe movements and are focused on helping moms gain an appropriate amount of weight to prep the body for labor. Studies show that working out while pregnant can help moms give birth naturally, adopt a positive body image, relieving any pain, sleep better, reduce backaches and improve energy levels, increase strength, improve muscle tone, and help prevent or treat gestational diabetes.

Making Westchester Moms A Priority With Each Workout

Evolve’s coaches are versed on all three trimesters working with obstetricians and gynecologists guidelines before, during, and post-delivery. Not everyone experiences the same pregnancy symptoms and Evolve’s certified coaches make sure to cater to mom during every training session from keeping women hydrated, ensure the facility is a cool temperature, timing sessions with frequent breaks, and as time progresses, slowly reduce the intensity of exercises.

Westchester’s Pregnancy Fitness ProgramTrainers Through The Trimesters

Evolve’s certified personal trainers will help moms get through that first tough 1 to12 weeks which often includes dreaded morning sickness, mood swings, fatigue, bloating, migraines, and at times developing fear and anxiety. Fortunately, our supportive team knows how to make the most of each workout from incorporating more rest between exercises are weeks progress and focusing on building strength; later sessions challenge that strength and balance. With mom and baby’s safety being paramount Evolve’s trainers avoid any poses lying on back, any twisting of the midsection, or overexerting on belly-focused exercise. Diastasis recti is a reality airing on the side of caution is a must. Moms workouts will include breath control and lifting free weights to prepare for carrying more pregnancy weight, also help prep for delivery.
Second Trimester, months four, five and six is when the baby’s organs become fully developed and the baby will begin to move around. During this time mom may experience difficulty breathing, as the uterus expands pushing up the abdominal contents on the diaphragm. Our coaches sympathize with uncomfortable changes that come with a growing belly and pay close attention to the body’s new limits. Workouts during the second trimester typically include low-impact cardio, Strength training, Squats, all in 30-minute sessions.
Week 27 to the end of the pregnancy is a likely time when certain medical conditions in pregnancy can arise such as Preeclampsia, preterm labor, and severe anemia, preventing exercise. Women may also experience Braxton Hicks contractions. The exercise goal for the third trimester is to build stamina for labor and practice stabilizing exercises that are easy on the joints to prevent injury.
But Evolve’s pregnancy fitness program doesn’t end once a mom goes into labor. After childbirth, and when the doctor clears mom post-delivery, it’s time to revisit our coaches to get mom back to feeling like herself again. An evaluation determines if there are any effects from delivery. Once reasonable and attainable goals are set, both mom and trainer work to build a healthy fitness foundation.
“I had the pleasure of working out with Coach Chris to get in shape for my wedding and also again until I was 8 months pregnant. Chris was able to use his expertise to decide what the best exercises were to keep me healthy, flexible and strong throughout my pregnancy. His energy always kept me motivated and his sense of humor makes the sessions fly by. I had a long labor and if I wasn’t in shape I wouldn’t have lasted! Plus, just two weeks post baby and I was back to jogging, my body bounced back so much quicker.”
Melissa V., proud mom of a baby girl
For moms-to-be that are looking for a high level of care with results in a clean, safe, and private training studio. No matter what stage you are in your pregnancy, this White Plains, NY gym offers 15% OFFpregnancy personal training packages. Expectant moms can expect results at Evolve, contact914-437-8484 today for a healthy and fit pregnancy.

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