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Global Rocket Launch

Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Around the world
Free to participate
US Space & Rocket Center

Join the celebration around the world and launch your rocket with Space Camp’s Global Launch!

Photo credit: NASA

All engines running… Liftoff! We have a liftoff!
The first moon landing occurred on July 20, 1969, on the Apollo 11 mission. An estimated 530 million people watched Armstrong’s televised image and heard his voice describe the event as he took “…one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”
But before Neil Armstrong could make his one small step, the Apollo 11 crew needed the help of a powerful rocket in order to get to the Moon.
Apollo 11 launched from Cape Kennedy on July 16, 1969, at 9:32 a.m. EDT, carrying Commander Neil Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin on top of a Saturn V rocket. The Saturn V rocket was 111 meters (363 feet) tall, about the height of a 36-story-tall building. Fully fueled for liftoff, the Saturn V weighed 2.8 million kilograms (6.2 million pounds), the weight of about 400 elephants and generated 34.5 million newtons (7.6 million pounds) of thrust at launch, creating more power than 85 Hoover Dams.
Huntsville, Alabama, also known as the “Rocket City,” is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, where the Saturn V was developed. The launch of Apollo 11 brought the world closer together in a moment of celebration for mankind’s monumental achievement, and 50 years later, Huntsville and Space Camp want your help bringing the world together again to celebrate another awe-inspiring launch—YOUR launch! Join in the worldwide celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch on July 16, 2019 by launching your own rocket! All types of rockets are welcome, and no launch is too small so start spreading the word and get ready to celebrate!


Photo credit: NASA

Calling all teachers, scout leaders, community leaders, families, friends, and rocket enthusiasts of all ages around the world! Wherever you are, we want you to join in the celebration with a rocket launch! The Global Launch is open to anyone who wants to participate, whether your group is large or small, or even a party of one.
Sign up today and get ready to countdown to July 16, 2019!
As we countdown to the Global Launch, Space Camp will send you information about building your rocket, launching your rocket, and how to record your results and share them with the world. Along the way, Space Camp will also provide you with additional information about Apollo 11’s historic launch, the milestones that paved the way for the first lunar landing, as well as fun things to help you get ready for the biggest rocket launch across the planet!

Any Rocket

Photo credit: USSRC, NASA

Any type of rocket is welcome, and no launch is too small! So whether you are launching a model rocket, one made from paper and a drinking straw or something in between, your launch counts towards the Global Launch.


Photo credit: USSRC

Any time on July 16, 2019 is a great time to launch! Click here to register to let us know that you plan on celebrating!
On launch day, snap a picture or two to share with us and the whole world! Share public photos and video on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Be sure to include #GlobalRocketlaunch so we can add your launch to the global count. Tell the world who or what inspires you to launch toward your dreams!

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