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I look forward to baking and decorating holiday cookies every year. But after the sugary goodness comes out of the oven, cools and it’s time to start decorating I always freeze. Where do I even begin? And how on earth do I make my cookies as pretty as the ones I see on Instagram?
This year I’m determined to make my cookies something special. So, I went to Andrena with Crazy Confections for some tips on how to decorate my cookies. And the good news is… it isn’t as hard as I thought! Below is Andrena’s guide to decorating cookies that you’ll be excited to show off at your holiday parties!


  • Start with either plain, store bought sugar cookies or your favorite sugar cookie recipe. If you’re baking your own, wait until the cookies are completely cool before starting to decorate… and check our this ADORABLE cookie cutter I found on Amazon!

  • Andrena recommends making your own royal icing. But if you prefer to go with a store bough version, you can find Wilton Cookie Decorator Icing almost anywhere – Michael’s, Amazon & Party City all carry the brand.
  • Decorator Bags & empty pint glass or empty pasta sauce jar, if you wish. The other option is to squeeze the icing right out of the bottle.
  • Wilton Cookie Decorator sprinkles


  1. If you’re making your own icing, the more water, the runnier the consistency. Remember, a little goes a long way! If you’re using the Wilton Cookie Icing, only zap in the microwave a little at a time, the longer in the microwave, the runnier. Microwave the icing to your desired consistency. TIP: If you are going to write words or letters on your cookies, she recommends a thicker consistency.

(Optional) Once it’s microwaved, if you’d like to use the Decorator Bag, put the bag into a pint glass or empty store bought pasta jar and make sure it’s open completely. Use a spatula to put the icing into the bag.

2. Begin to ice your first cookie! If you’re using the bag, apply pressure to the bag by pushing down with your thumb and index finger. When you pull off the cookie, release the pressure. Begin by outlining the cookie with your icing.

3. Fill the outlined area in with icing. This is called flooding.

4. Once you’ve filled it in, it will look bumpy and uneven, which is ok! Gently shake the cookie to evenly distribute the icing.

5. Be sure to add sprinkles to your cookies while the icing is still wet so that it sticks!

6. If you want to draw on top of the icing to make a design with another color icing and don’t want it to look raised, you also want to do it while the icing is still wet. If you want the pattern to look raised, draw on it while the icing is dry.

And you’re done! Now you’ll have beautiful cookies for your holiday dessert table!!


Looking to order cookies for the holidays? Crazy Confections is selling cookie sets in pairs as a great teacher gift and in both one dozen and two dozen sets for your parties! Head to the website to place your order!

Crazy Confections also does custom cake, cake pop, cupcake and cookie orders for weddings, birthday parties, baptisms and more! Contact Andrena today for help making your sweet dreams come true!

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