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Back to school time for kids is the perfect time to start homeschooling your pup! Training a dog is a lot like sending your child to school. There is preparation, lots of hard work, and amazing progress along the way. Let’s dive into these similarities…

Preparation: Choosing where to train your pup is a lot like picking a school- there are lots of different options! From homeschooling, to boarding school, private and public schools, it can be a challenge to choose what’s best for your child. This is the same with dog training! There are board and train options, group classes, and private lessons. Active Dog offers private lessons, the equivalent of homeschooling. This involves the “teacher”, or trainer, coming to your home and creating a training plan for your pup. This way, your pup is learning in their “classroom”- their own home! An environment with minimal distractions is critical for creating a successful learning environment. Once your pup is able to “graduate” to more distractions, you can begin learning in the “real world”.

**Choosing WHO to train your pup can be equally, if not more, challenging! Check out this article that outlines questions to ask your potential trainer:https://www.petprofessionalguild.com/Top-Ten-Questions-To-Ask-a-Potential-Dog-Trainer

Hard Work: Just as daily homework is given to help students succeed, a successful dog training program requires lots of homework for families. Private training involves a trainer coming to your home for an hour, typically once per week. During that hour, the trainer is teaching you how to teach your pup. This means that daily practice is the responsibility of the family. You will be guided with homework assignments and guidance along the way!

Progress: Study after study shows that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to train animals, along with causing less stress and anxiety. By using science-backed methods, you are sure to see success not only in your dog’s behavior, but in your relationship. For more information on training methods, read here: https://positively.com/press/the-truth-behind-positive-training/

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