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Shouldn’t we be paying a great deal of attention to the educational method that produced, among others: Larry Page and Sergei Brin – inventors of Google, Jeff Bezos – founder of Amazon, Helen Keller – political activist, author, lecturer, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom (and one of Gallup’s most widely admired people of the 20th century), Joshua Bell – Grammy award-winning violinist and subject of a Pulitzer Prize-winning media story, T Berry Brazelton – pediatrician, child psychiatrist, author and Harvard Medical School professor emeritus, Jimmy Wales – founder of Wikipedia, Peter Drucker – author, management consultant, “social ecologist” and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Julia Child – celebrity chef and author, Erik Erikson – psychologist and author, Anne Frank – memoirist and author, Katherine Graham – Pulitzer Prize-winning author and former owner and editor of the Washington Post, David Blaine, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Yo Yo Ma, Helen Hunt, Jacquelyn Kennedy, Prince Harry and Prince William? They were all students in Montessori schools. According to a Wall Street Journal article by Peter Sims, there’s a “Montessori Mafia” among the creative elite. So maybe there’s something to the method Italian physician Maria Montessori came up with around the turn of the 20th century! – Brianna Banahan

Brianna Banahan co-owns The Nido on North Ave, The Nurtury Montessori at North Ave, 914-740-5393, and The Nurtury at Flandreau, 914-632-6200, and The Nurtury Montessori at Riverland with her mother, educational director Cathy Billone and her sister, Jenessa Stearns.

They are so excited to announce the GRAND OPENING OF THEIR NEW RYE BROOK LOCATION. Call 914-632-6200 to register for Fall 2020!

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